Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Courtship and Counter Intelligence, WWII Style

This book will be available as an ebook sometime in the next two weeks. It's the real life romance of my in-laws, told through wartime letters. Don Murray enlisted and served as a cryptographer for the first two years of the war. He was then recruited to work in the Army Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) as a Special Agent in the Pacific theatre.

Shortly after Don enlisted he wrote his lovely cousin, Arlene, because he hadn't received his Army paychecks. He asked if her father, a navy commander, could use his connections to expedite the government payments. It was an innocent query . . . or was it? Perhaps he had something else in mind? The "between the lines" is what kept me turning the pages. Once I started reading them I couldn't put these letters down.

Meet Arlene and Don:

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