Monday, March 12, 2012

New Release: Soft Snap

Soft Snap is now available on Amazon.

At the time he enlisted in 1942, Donald Murray was a graduate of Dartmouth and Harvard, fluent in multiple languages, and an instructor at Beloit College. Little did he know he'd spend the next three and a half years as a cryptographer and counter intelligence agent, landing in far flung Pacific outposts.

Don's use of language is at a time precise, eloquent, witty, bitingly sarcastic, and subtle. His letters weave story threads into a fabric rich with hope, frustration, satire, and romance. What starts as long distance friendship and admiration grows to become the love of his life through words amidst the uncertain timeline of war.

Grab the sample or use the "look inside" feature to preview the book. It is not the usual two-fork WWII letters fare.

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