Thursday, January 29, 2015

Easy Neck Warmer

I made this to match the evening mitts. You can wear it as neckwarmer, or double it lengthwise to wear as a head band.

Easy Neck Warmer

Worsted weight yarn
Size 5 needles -- straight or circular
Worked Flat

Provisional CO 32 stitches. Knit every row until you have 14 inches of knitting. Remove provisional stitches onto another needle, and work a 3 needle bind off to finish. Weave in yarn ends. This is a quick project!


  1. Just curious.. why didnt you work in the round? I always wonder that about patterns like this...

    1. I had my straight needles out, asI had just finished the flat-knitted fingerless mitts! Another big reason is that I could use knit stitch only and get the desired texture/stretch (and knitting is faster for me than knit-purl). Knit only in the round results in stockinette (flat)pattern, and I wanted the stretch and bumpy texture. If you want to skip the provision CO you can use mattress stitch to seam it at the end -- same result.