Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I wish they'd write reviews . . .

Heck, I'll never ask anyone to post a review to the Amazon product page, but -- to steal from a popular ad campaign -- I wish they'd "just do it."

A few of the messages I've received from readers about TAKEDOWN:

"I wondered about the Leinies in your book. I almost wrote to ask about that. It was just one of many little things I liked in addition to the story itself. Our lady of the Plastic Door was another."

"Ha! Finished the book last night and loved it."

"I read your book immediately and really enjoyed it. One sentence really jumped off the page when I read it. "Those who aren't tested always doubt their abilities." That would make a good motivational poster."

"I just finished Takedown, and I loved it. I especially loved your homage to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and your idea to have a private viewing of the body for the school children was brilliant - the balloon release brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you for writing this book . . ."

From a message board:

"How to kill an afternoon... in a good way.

Go to the Kindle book store and download 'Takedown' . . . exciting, well crafted and extremely contemporary story (tho set over a decade ago); fully developed, very likable (and believable) characters; and fast moving.

Keep 'em coming, Anna. I greatly enjoy your style."

I'm glad that readers are enjoying the book. Now, could you all find a way to shout about it?


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