Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TAKEDOWN to be featured on Daily Cheap Reads

Paula, over at Daily Cheap Reads, has notified me that TAKEDOWN will be featured tomorrow night, starting at 8 pm.

As an extra incentive for readers, I'm putting the book on sale for 99 cents.

Daily Cheap Reads is an excellent source for good, affordable ebooks. Paula is a voracious reader. I've found her picks to be very good, and that's why I'm so pleased TAKEDOWN was chosen to be highlighted on the site.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Markets got you down?

It could be worse. You could be Jane Nelson, in TAKEDOWN.

She knows her 401K is going to dive, dive, dive:

But seriously, Jane's financial problems are just minor heartburn. After all, she's running from killers who plan to eliminate her for what she knows, and that's just a second-degree ulcer compared to the burden of saving the world from financial collapse.

So . . . the market is down a bit. Things could be worse. Much worse. Read TAKEDOWN, and you'll actually feel good about today's headlines.

On sale for a limited time on Amazon!

Update: A reader just told me he saw this movie trailer over the weekend, and he said it reminded him of TAKEDOWN.

Update 2: The algorithmic trading described in TAKEDOWN was a large factor in the recent. 2.2 trillion haircut in the markets.