Monday, August 31, 2015

Walker's Wall

More ideas, this one from Scott Walker, on creating a USA gated community.

I live in Minnesota. I didn't think we had a Canadian invasion problem until we went fishing this morning. I nearly flipped the boat when I discovered that husband had brought these Canadians on board. Twelve of them! What was he thinking?

Oh, and I added a picture of my favorite fishing wall, since we are talking about walls.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Arthur Murray Featured in Documentary

Murray's testimony on Greek deportations in Black Sea: A Naval Officer's Near East Experience is included in this documentary, starting at the 3:15 mark. He is also featured on the Greek Genocide website.

I published my grandfather-in-law's letters in 2012. Interest in his story continues to grow. Read more.

Remember when . . .

we thought it was cool to dial a number to get the time and temperature, when the neighbor wasn't using the party line?

Husband wears an Apple Watch. Time, temp, health status, calendar appointments are all visible when he turns his wrist. We were recently separated at a baseball game (St. Paul Saints), and it was too loud to use a phone. I texted him, his wrist buzzed (he wouldn't have heard his phone ring), and he saw my message on his watch. He tapped "OK" and we found each other.

Pretty darn cool.