Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog Dog

Max wants me to put down the pen and play. This is his classic "Stop working so hard, I'm bored!" look.

Time for a frisbee romp in the yard!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Thanks to a reader for sending in today's "News of the Strange Coincidence."

It appears that TKDN (Takedown Entertainment) is the object of a classic "pump and dump" scheme.

Amazingly my book about a financial market crime is titled "TAKEDOWN". Is it a sign? Reader, you be da' judge!

Here's the email my new best friend received from (yes, subscription to their newsletter includes this nifty spam service -- these people eat their own):

What Wall Street Doesn't Know About This Budding Billion Dollar Industry Is About To Make Us Rich!

And there's one company offering us a chance to cash in on "The Fastest Growing Sport In The World" and its Billion dollar profits. But the time to get in is NOW!


What I'm about to share with you is hardly common knowledge…

Only a select handful of Billion dollar investors like Mark Cuban even has a clue as to how lucrative the information I'm about reveal really is.

You see, over the last decade, a world-wide phenomenon has been bubbling just below the surface, it's a phenomenon that's been waiting for that one, opportune moment to create a whole new generation of Millionaires…

And that moment is now.

For the past 6 years, Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, has steadily built itself a global audience, quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sports, and industries, the world has ever seen…

But it wasn't until the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) recently signed a long-term deal with major network, Fox Sports, that it really started getting attention from the mainstream.

Now, I'm sure you're thinking, "That's great. But why should I care?", and that answer is simple.

Exponentially growing profits.

Because this Billion dollar industry is only now coming out of its infancy stage, we'll never get a better chance to grab a hold of these profits than right now…

And while many of MMA's avenues are privately owned and closed to people like us, there is one of only a handful of companies, that is offering us a pathway to MMA's Billion dollar profits...

Takedown Entertainment (TKDN).

There's no denying, MMA is about to pop…

And you don't need to be a loyal follower or rabid fan of the fastest growing sport in the world to cash in on this global movement.

The best part?

Other than a few in the know, MMA has yet to capture the attention of Wall Street, but it's about to in a BIG way – and it's all going to change on November 12th, 2011 at 9 pm…

That's the moment the Billion dollar MMA industry goes Primetime on Fox!

That's why it's so important to put TKDN on your radar now!

There aren't words to express how big this sport and industry are about to become…

Imagine if the NFL went public back in 1964, before it become the most popular televised sport in America, and were able to get in for just 75 cents…

Imagine how much money you'd have in your pocket right now…



Either way, that's exactly what we could be looking at by getting into TKDN today!

Once you get all the facts in my following Special Report, you'll see, just like I do, why getting in on the bottom floor of this about-to-explode industry is really a no-brainer decision.

To Your Future Wealth,

Shawn Ambrosino
Head Analyst, M3 Profit Accelerator

PS. I can't stress this enough: we can't wait on this one. Because on November 12th, our chances to profit from the booming Billion dollar MMA industry will be cut in half, if not more! Get all the details in my special report now for the proof as to why TKDN could be the most lucrative trade you make in 2011!

Monday, September 12, 2011

DCR Reviews Easton Hearts Series

After Paula, at DCR, featured TAKEDOWN she asked me if I was the same Anna Murray who wrote the "Un Hearts" books. She said she'd read all three, enjoyed them, and would I be okay with her doing a review of those?

Paula posted her review today!

Thanks, Paula and DCR!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hanging in the 'hood

So, we were dining on the deck. Fine dining at chez Murray includes the pleasure of watching husband wash down my famous grilled sliders while watching Anderson Cooper on his iPad.

But this wasn't to be a normal tranquil evening. A "whooooosh!" broke the silence.

"What's that?" husband muttered.

I looked up from my Kindle and scanned the eerie backlit glow cast upon his face.

"Ben Bernanke. I heard he's dropping money from helicopters."

"No way," he twisted in the fraying Target deck chair we won three years ago. "We wouldn't get so lucky."

I looked up at the sky. "Oh my!" Grabbing my camera, I took the shot you see above.

(Yes, they did survive, no thanks to our ballistic dog -- Max, protector of the land, mineral rights, and skies above the homestead. Gentle reader, I won't include the photo of what he did to these people after the tree got done with them).