Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When we all become indies . . .

A while back I contacted a romance website about purchasing advertising. They politely turned me down because their policy prohibited promotion of self-published works.

Lately I see that many traditionally-published romance authors are beginning to self-publish. Some are uploading rejected manuscripts; others are creating new works specifically targeted at the ebook market.

So . . . will the "traditionally published only" bloggers change their advertising and review policies? I'm looking for the most progressive venues (Smart Bitches, for example) to be the first to break down the wall.

With so many authors now pursuing "hybrid" careers (various mixes of indie and traditional), it seems the stigma of self-publishing is rapidly disappearing.

Anyone else have experience running up against, or breaking down the barriers?


  1. I'm sorry you came up against such prejudice, Anna. I agree that progressive bloggers will be the first to break down the barriers and I think it's already begun. I recently asked Jane at Dear Author if she'd like to review my next ebook and she requested it which hopefully means it will get reviewed. To me, Dear Author and Smart Bitches are THE place to have your romance book reviewed.

  2. I just asked the nice gals at Good Choice Reading,, to review my indie published book, and they accepted. I will also check out Dear Author and Smart Bitches (love those retro eyeglasses).

  3. Slowly but surely more and more sites are reviewing indies. I write reviews for, and I'm happy to say that they accept indie submissions :-)