Sunday, March 11, 2012

(E) Pluribus Unum

The editors are now putting the finishing touches on Soft Snap: The WWII Letters of Don Murray, so it will be available in ebook format within the next week.

This project has been a delightful ride in so many ways. I never knew my quirky father-in-law (he died when my husband was 19), but he left a trail of breadcrumbs that provided endless amusement as I pored over these letters.

In the image below -- a letter he wrote on the standard Army issue (free) stationery -- Don's inner Latin scholar has "fixed" the insignia at the top of the paper. If you look closely (squint) you'll see his penned "E" in front of the "Pluribus Unum" on the printed banner, to correct the printer's omission.

E Pluribus Unum = "Out of Many, One"

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