Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Notes from the Geriatric Zone

We've made our annual migration to the retirement community (Florida). Life here is different, and we try to see the humor in it all. I hope you will, too.

The Grocery Store (yes, Publix)

Today I approached the checkout lane, carefully counting the items in my basket. Ten. Yippeee. Express lane qualified! Blue-haired elderly lady ahead of me had one item: a large onion, the largest I'd ever seen. "This will be fast," I thought.


The cashier weighed that onion and called out "3.40".

"What? The sign said five for a dollar!"

At this point the front end manager, who had overheard her shriek, approached. He said, "Ma'am, we've always sold onions by weight."

"It said five for a dollar! That's twenty cents each!"

Front end manager: "I'll check".

We all waited while he walked to produce section. He came back and said, "you read the sign for the avocados next to the onions. They are five for a dollar."

I'm scared. This is my future. Don't get old, kiddies.

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