Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Power to Turn Back Time!

Zoom to young caucasian couple sitting on a couch. Husband looks down and sighs heavily.

Man: “Ugh. Looks like we missed the first half of the twentieth century.”

Woman (dismayed expression): “And there’s no way to restart it . . . “

(Donald Trump with large guitar and tiny hands jumps in from left) —

“With Trump/Pence there is!”

(He strums and sings):

“You see we’ve got the power to turn back time,
So let’s restart the Depression of ’29,
and while we’re at it we’ll eat at soup lines too,
and take away your right to vote (points at woman)
and your vasectomy too (points to man)!
(man puts hand over crotch and laughs heartily)
Hey! That’s the power to turn back time! “

The second in the series features a Japanese American couple with Trump singing about the good old days of being in an internment camp. After that there's Mexican American and African American versions, a gay couple, and a mixed race couple. The possibilities are endless. It's fun to “turn back time” to make America great again.

The original ad.

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