Monday, July 18, 2016

Who you gonna call?

When there's something strange in the neighborhood?

Poke busters.

Out to Leo's for dinner last night. We tripped our way down Main Street, Stillwater, Minnesota. A lot of paranormal activity in the 'hood. Like, so much that over 100 volunteer PokeMonster busters were out.

Five sat at the table next to us, clearly exhausted from their efforts, in dire need of Leo's special Dad's root beer floats. I asked a fearless, pale young woman if they were the geeks we've heard tell of, but rarely seen in sunlight. She squinted and nodded, "Yep, we're hard core. Fixing' your matrix leak, Ma'am."

Whew. I'm just grateful that they are here. We've had so many strange incidents this past weekend. For starters the river mysteriously rose above flood stage. Then this suspicious character showed up yesterday and terrorized small children (NSFK, see photo). Then an elderly couple from California, wielding a massive RV, didn't read the 13 foot lift bridge clearance sign. They backed traffic way up the hill on both sides as they attempted crossing (photo below).

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